Cocktail Recipe Anyone?

Hello Friends!

Just a clear reminder to remember to drink responsibly. Know your limits, and never get behind the wheel under the influence, call a cab , friend or family member. I hope you enjoy these fabulous recipes!

- Chef Dustie

How do you choose your wines?

Was that a red or a white? Wine has been paired with many dishes to compliment the richness of mouth watering meats, salads, fish and desserts, but do you know how to tell if your wine is the right choice?

1.) Red and white wines can be dignified because of their many differences. Pour an 8 ounce glass of wine, hold the wine at a 40 degree angle letting light pass through the glass, you should see very clearly, if you can see elements that can not be identified you have a bad glass of wine. Many of these elements can be pieces of cork, missed grape skins, small insects, and sometimes dirt. 

2.) Pairing meats with wines can be difficult or very easy, for your red and dryer wines you may serve with beef, poultry and cheese. Most whites will have a sweeter flavor and Ice wine is down right amazing for any dessert choice. Release the aroma of your wine, to smell the wine thoroughly swish your glass, let wine hit sides of glass and release those killer aromas. 

Apricot Cooler


2 oz. Apricot Brandy

Club Soda

1/2 tsp. Powdered Sugar

Dissolve Powder Sugar and Club Soda in collins glass. Stir and then fill with cracked ice, add brandy. Fill with more club soda and stir, garnish with lemon twist.

Crazy Ass Melon'rita


2 1/2 cups Tequila 

3/4 cup Orange Liqueur

1 1/2 cup Lime Juice

3 cups watermelon


Blend all ingredients with ice and pour into margarita glass, garlish with orange and lime slices.


Sour Puss


2 ounces Mextaxa (Greek Brandy)

Equal parts Lemonade


Stir over ice into highball glass, garnish with lemon twist

Secret Garden


2 parts, Broker's London Dry Gin

1/2 parts Pernod Absinthe

4 dashes Orange Bitters

splash Lemon Juice

1 part Marie Brizard Parfait Amour


Rim your cocktail glass with lavender sugar, strain all ingredients up in a cocktail glass, garnish with an edible flour pedal.

Red Russian


1 ounce cream

1 ounce Strawberry Liqueur

1 ounce Vodka


Layer all ingredients in a lowball glass and serve.

Karma is a B*tch


1 ounce Dark Rum

1/4 ounce Peach Brandy

1/4 ounce Triple Sec

3 ounce Fruit Punch

1 ounce Grapefruit Juice

1 ounce Orange Juice

1 ounce Pineapple Juice


Make fruit punch, fill long glass with all ingredients, add fruit punch, stir well; to make more punch increase all ingredients but keep same ratio. 



3 ounces Vodka

2 ounces Chambor Raspberry Liqueur

Club Soda


Fill rocks glass with ice, add Chambord, and layer vodka. Top up with club soda and garnish with a straw. Drink from the straw and fast as you can! 

Sexual Alligator


1/2 ounce Pineapple Juice

1/3 ounce Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

1/3 ounce Midori

1/4 ounce Jägermeister


Shake Midori and pineapple juice over ice, strain into small rocks glass, layer Chambord on bottom using a spoon if you are not talented enough to pour slowly down the inside of glass, next layer Jager on top. Now you will have a three layer shooter. Purple, Neon green and dark brown. Drink up! 

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