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2010 An Idea is Born- Dustie's Catering, USA

In 2010, Chef Dustin Morrell started his private catering entity that ended up being awarded numerous accolades for their taste, presentation and creativity. Through the years of 2014, 2015, 2016 Dustin and his business grew and took over the midwest. In  2017 Chef Dustie was inducted in the Grand Rapids Business Hall of Fame. Unfortunately with many corporate executive roles being mismanaged, and misappropriated Chef Dustie was forced to close in 2016 shortly after his Divorce bankrupt him and his corporate brand, Dustie's Catering, USA. 

2013 Our First Employee - Courtney Leach

Through many Trials and Tribulations Chef Dustie first met Courtney Leach to offer her the job of being Dustin's Stylist and Make up Artist for his Cooking Series titled "Dustie's Bites" which ran for one season from 2014-2015, with more plans to reboot the fun, energetic show in 2019, Chef Dustie remains very good friends with Miss. Leach which has grown from Make-up Artist/Stylist to our very own  Director of Creative Design. 

2013 Dustie's Bites is Born

Dustie's Bites was filmed independently in collaboration of Mark Broe, Dustin Morrell, Peggy Flynn and Courtney Leach with hard work we where able to film 12 consecutive episodes, which released in 2014 on YouTube later picked up by Netflix and The Cooking Channel. 

2014 Soaring to Number One! 

By 2014, Chef Dustie was operating in five states, was awarded almost 10 dignified awards and started to franchise Dustie's Catering, USA around the United States, Chef Dustie worked long extensive hours to provide the best quality for the season of events he catered. 

2015 The Downfall from Number One....

In 2015, Chef Dustie was unparrallel to any caterer in Michigan, he was booked for more than 350 weddings per year, he hosted and managed 450 organizational events and was contracted as a Performance Chef by the MiLB team the Great Lake Loons, and The Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team. In late 2015 Chef Dustie and Dustie's Catering came to a halt when it was found out that the companies Chief Financial Officer was misappropriating funds, and Ill-fully making financial decisions; in turn created an abundance amount of legal battles for the company and for Chef Dustie himself; forcing him to serve more than one year sentence, the dissolution of the brand and bankrupted him and his company entirely. 

2016- 2017 Inducted in the Grand Rapids Business Hall of Fame 

  Even though Dustie's Catering, USA and Chef Dustin himself remained out of the spotlight, broke, and incarcerated, he was honored by being inducted in the 2017 Grand Rapids Business Hall of Fame and credited many other honoree awards for his work and for his own Cookbook titled "Too Busy to Cook with Dustin Morrell". This honor was a privilege given that Chef Dustie spent time at one of the worst correctional facilities in the Nation where he endured trauma from seeing Gang retaliation, brutal beatings, death and intimidation at a young naïve age of 23 years old with no prior criminal convictions, not even one accident or ticket in his life, but through these testing times Dustie was able to make his dreams everlasting by planning his comeback and his success from his errors. 

December 2018,  Chef Dust (Rebranding)

    In late 2018, with only twenty-three cents in his checking Chef Dust decided to launch his business plan that he refined into the most successful brands in Michigan, December 2018 He released that he will be working on a late January open of his very own Pop-up restaurant in Michigan named 96 St.Clair after his fiancé James St.Clair whom has helped Dustin through his downfall and by helping him through his PTSD from being at the most infamous prison in Michigan at only 23 (Ironic being he only was left with 23 cents). 

   Today Dustin shares his story around the nation and is very transparent to all that happened, currently Chef Dust resides in Lansing, Michigan his hometown, and continues to rebrand and rebuild what he once had, although this time, he has fined tuned how he accepts payments, and works with clients by having a third party accountant, and having clients pay invoices securely through Paypal® 

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