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Chef Dust 


Mouth Watering, Exquisite, and Delectable Cuisine

Welcome to a taste of not only elegance but a sensational mouthwatering experience from the very start at 96 St.Clair, Enjoy exquisitely unique tastes in every dish created with only the freshest ingredients sourced by Chef Dustie himself each and every time you dine with 96 St.Clair. Enjoy dry aged Wagyu Tomahawk steaks for four, a warm dark chocolate cinnamon pumpkin cheesecake for dessert, or pair an exquisite wine hand selected the night of our events. 

What is 96 St.Clair?

96 St.Clair was founded in Lansing, Michigan in 2018 by Chef Dustin Morrell, whom named his unique eateries name after his Fiancé James St.Clair; The uniqueness that surrounds each dinner event is the hand selected farm fresh ingredients, local stouts, wines and spirits, and a whole lot of entertainment and laughter, since we're new around town, we will host our first of many pop-up's to come in December 2018 with a date to soon be determined. Your next question might entail... 

What is a Pop-Up restaurant? (cited from www.thebalancesmb.com)

Originally started as supper clubs back in the 1960s, pop-up restaurants have seen a resurgence. Just as their name implies, pop-ups often occur in unexpected places, for a limited time.

Many chefs open a pop-up restaurant as a way to showcase their talents to a wider audience, perhaps drawing in investors for a restaurant in the future (Yes 96 St.Claire would like to open a brick and mortar store by 2020 in Lansing, Michigan). Other pop-ups are a test run by would-be restaurateurs who are thinking of opening their own restaurant. Pop-ups are also used by community groups as fundraisers. Some pop-up proprietors seek to offer high-quality food at more affordable prices, allowing more people access to gourmet dining.

The Anytime Anywhere Restaurant?

The beauty of the pop-up restaurant is that it can open almost anywhere. As long as the space is safe to cook and serve food, it can be a pop-up restaurant. Pop-ups have been hosted in empty warehouses, rooftop gardens, or in an old barn, just to name a few places. Another option for a pop-up restaurant location is an already existing restaurant. For example, renting a diner that serves only breakfast and lunch. The owners of the diner receive a percent of the profits to cover water, sewer, electricity, gas, and any other associated expenses.The benefit of hosting a pop-up restaurant in your own restaurant is the novelty that brings in extra customers.


December 30, 2018 

Winter Masquerade Ball 

B different, B Unique, B You! 


Grass-Fed Beef Entree:

Rosemary Brown Butter Tomahawk Steak

Wet Aged for several days, and then dry aged in Dust's secret spices this fall off the bone, mouthwatering tomahawk will have you requesting it again.

Wild Game & Poultry:

Coconut Curry Fried Chicken with Honey Sriracha Sauce

Wild Caught Fish & Seafood:

Wild Caught Honey Roasted Pecan crusted Salmon with Finished with

 Cinnamon Brown Butter reduction

Wholesome Vegetarian:

Roasted Pumpkin, currant and Vegetable Farfalle Pasta 

tossed in Rosemary Garlic Brown Butter Sauce

† Please take note that entree mains are released prior to our event, all compliments to the entree will be unveiled at our dinner, sides will be served family style at each table for our event, Beverage Package or limited number of vouchers are included with Ticket Pricing.