Chef Dustie 

"Igniting Tastebuds , Inspiring Cuisines"

Talented, Creative and distinguished is what most consider this young, energetic Chef, however a knick for top quality food, great friends, conversation, an entrepreneur and a avid World Foodie is what friends would say about Dustie.

Dustin has worked with many over his years in the food, and entertainment industry which includes being the official road performance chef from 2014-2016 for The Los Angeles Dodgers, He has worked with top-names  such as the Billboard Awards, Paramount Pictures, Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Local and National charities, organizations, Food and Wine Festival, The Cooking Channel, The Food Network, many Recording Artists, Actors, Models and Comedians as their Private Chef and nutritional guide to eating healthy and routinely while managing their busy schedules privately and professionally.

Currently Dustin is re-branding his culinary image and is contracted by a nationally recognized Privately owned Culinary Agency and travels throughout the United States and World. 

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Eat, Live and Drink Well!

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