Chef Dustie 

"Igniting Tastebuds , Inspiring Cuisines"

Talented, creative, and unique is what most would consider this polite, energetic, self inspired and taught Culinary Extraordinaire, with a niche for sourcing fresh organically certified ingredients whether they are harvested, cut, ground, caught, or handmade, he designs his custom menus for any pallet to enjoy.

Friends would say he is kind-hearted, caring, and helps his clients design the most satisfying and desirable menu options for their guests, friends and families to enjoy. 

He has many awards which surround his ambition and drive for success;

Dustie has worked with many clients over his years in the food, event planning and entertainment industry which includes being the official road performance chef from c.2014-2016 for The Los Angeles Dodgers

Dustie's Professional Experience includes honorees from Business Professionals of America (BPA), treasurer and secretary of American Red Cross Hometown Heroes, Many accolades which include, The Food & Wine Festival, The Cooking Channel, The Food Network

Dustie's favorite memory in business was when he helped celebrate the Holiday's with Kellogg's Corporation; He was able to view the production of Kellogg's Cereal, vividly Dustie recollects the sweet satisfying smell of the molten chocolate in the tempered chocolate holding room, He has had the pleasure working with many Recording Artists, Actors, Models and Comedians as their Private Chef and nutritional guide to eating healthy and routinely while managing their busy schedules privately and professionally.

Currently Dustin is designing an upscale Dinner Social Club named St.Clair Gourmet and will soon unveil the opening date! 

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Eat, Live and Drink Well!