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 Grand Opening Itinerary

7:00-7:30p | Flash Networking 

7:30-7:55p | Opening Entertainment 

7:55-8:55p | Grand Dinner Debut 

8:55-9:35p | Guest Entertainer

9:35-10:00p | Chef Dustie & Co. Closing Presentation

LocationPure Michigan 

Please Join us for this celebration event: The Debut : Winter Masquerade Ball celebrating the Grand Opening of 96 St.Clair Pop-up Eatery and the Honoree Guests : James St.Clair whom I named the pop-up after, and my mother Janice Boron whom has inspired me to display my heart and soul in every selection of these fine foods I chose to pair and prepare!

"I have created and hand-selected mouthwatering, delectable, creative, unique and imaginative dishes for the night, Greatest Premiere Menu I have ever done "- Chef Dustin

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